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EQ Gangster

Jul 22, 2021

Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist or therapist.


Seek professional help if you need it.


I’ve been emotionally constipated the past couple months.


I’ve been doing the 4 “Deadly” Emotional “Sins”.


Not being controlled by our emotions but being in more control over our emotions.


The past couple months have been very challenging for me. 


Going through the VA System & talking to my counselor / therapist has opened up some very challenging, intense, unpleasant emotions.


Be aware: talking more about your emotional issues may cause more emotions to surface—unexpectedly. 


I’ve been reverting to that old way of behaving…going back to stuffing & avoiding.


I’ve gained a bunch of weight back that I’ve lost over the past 9 mos.


I’ve even done more stewing & brooding.


Many men that I’m working with stuff & avoid their emotions.


Many pretend that our feelings & emotions don’t impact or affect us.


I learned how to stuff & avoid during my birth family.


I’ve completely stopped doing BJJ & completely working out, which has definitely affected / impacted me mentally & emotionally.


My sleep schedule has been terrible. I’m constantly operating at a low level of fatigue. 


My eating decisions have been terrible.


I’ve been triggered 4 times in the past few weeks & each time has taken me multiple days to come down from.


I’ve done a very poor job at handling, processing & managing my emotions the past couple months.


My counselor / therapist asked me what were some other ways to think about what has happened the past couple months rather than from a negative framework.


It was difficult to even think of other more productive ways to think about the past couple months because I was still emotionally triggered.


She asked “Have you grown the past couple months?” “Have you learned anything the past couple months?” Yes…”then that’s a very good thing.”


She also said there is a negative compounding affect of not getting out of your head by talking to someone else. Talking to someone else & getting some outside perspective is very helpful in your growth journey.


The 4 “Deadly” Emotional Sins:






What is my body trying to tell me over the past couple months?


My reflection time hasn’t been productive.


I need to practice what I preach.


I was thankful to get the outside perspective of my counselor / therapist.


The past couple months I’ve been struggling have been very relatable to some of the coaching clients I’ve got.


It’s mentally, emotionally & physically exhausting to feel & process emotions.


3 steps forward & 2 steps back in your emotionally journey is actually a sign that you’re heading in the right direction.


Be sure to pursue this journey of emotional growth at a pace you can sustain.


Stay connected to others—especially if you feel yourself slipping into an unhealthy spot.


Would you talk to your coaching clients the way you’ve been talking to yourself the past couple months? Absolutely not. Then, why do you continue to talk to yourself so negatively?


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Deal with your emotional issues or your family will.


Unaddressed emotional issues don’t get better over time, but rather compound.


Emotionally healthy people help heal other people emotionally. 


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