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EQ Gangster

Aug 23, 2021



1.) Stuff & avoid leads to stewing & brooding 


2.) Unpleasant emotions represent unmet needs.


3.) Stuffing & avoiding comes from shame? 


4.) What is the relationship between value & performance?

If I’m not doing something to earn it, shame may come.


5.) Cure for shame is vulnerability. 


6.) Vulnerability to allow yourself to be seen & still be loved. 


7.) We don’t compare suffering. Don’t judge suffering. 


8.) Emotions are like trying to get rid of your arm. 


9.) Maybe there has been shame surrounding emotions or empathy & even served. 



1.) How you define shame?

2.) How do you define vulnerability?

3.) Where does your shame come from?

4.) How vulnerable are you in relationships?

5.) How important do you feel vulnerability is in relationships? 

6.) How is shame impacting / influencing your life & decision making?



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