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EQ Gangster

Aug 30, 2021

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Corporate client who does a lot of work in healthcare—lots of hospitals & clinics around the country.


Visited one of largest in the state he was working in & it is at 60% staffed. And the staff who are there…are overworked, overwhelmed & completely exhausted—mentally, physically, & emotionally.


Going to possibly be doing a brief workshop on emotional health & EQ for a SWAT team. The number of LEOs is down dramatically in his state. There’s no emotional training.


A number of my BJJ teammates are LEOs…overworked, exhausted mentally, emotionally & physically.


YOUR company…what’s the emotional health state of your company?


YOUR family…what’s the emotional health state of your family?


YOU…what’s the emotional health state of you?


As a leader, how do you handle the emotions of your team?


Check in w/them every morning: 

How are you feeling? 

How are you doing?


Give them permission / freedom to express themselves honestly.


How does it help them, you or your team if you ask them how they’re doing & you only want to hear “outstanding”? 


Is it truly safe to be vulnerable in your culture/organization?

If not, how can you start changing that?


By you being honest & transparent w/your own emotions. 


Just b/c you’re struggling, doesn’t take you a weak leader or incompetent or incapable. It makes you a human.


Provide your team w/tools

Create an emotional fitness program for your company.


Emotional agility



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