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EQ Gangster

Oct 14, 2021

Some fun & insightful questions from an 18-year old young lady in my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class: 


She asked me “So, Noble, what do you do?”


“I teach emotional intelligence.” 


“What does that mean?” she asked.


I responded, “I increase the capacity of high achievers.” 


She asked, “What’s a high achiever?”


She asked the following questions:

  1. How does someone know if they need to work on their emotional intelligence?
  2. How many people need to work on EQ?
  3. How can you determine whether or not someone needs to work on EQ?
  4. Can you tell just by looking at somebody if they need EQ or if they need to work on their EQ?
  5. Where would someone start working on their EQ?
  6. What does an EQ Fitness Program look like?


What questions do you have about EQ?


How often do you ask questions about EQ?


How does EQ impact your curiosity about EQ?


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