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EQ Gangster

Oct 21, 2021

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Have you ever had a coach? 




For how long?




What was the impactful coach you’ve ever had?


What impact did they have on you?


What lessons did you learn from them?


Why were they so impactful for you?


Do you currently have a coach? 




Why not? 


Do you feel you’re operating at your max potential? 


If not, why wouldn’t you seek out a coach?


Do the top business people & athletes & artists in the world have coaches? 


I would argue they all do.


Why not you?


What would you be willing to pay for a coach? 


Why would you want a coach? 


What impact could a coach have in your life? 


What areas of your life would you want to work on? 


How serious are you about growing & changing? 


Find a coach.


Shop around.


The difference between where you’re at & where you want to be could be a coach that could help unlock areas within you that could take you to the next level of your life.


For me…as a coach, I view myself as a miner of precious gems & hidden treasure.


Every client / leader of mine that I coach it is a privilege to help them discover & refine their gifts, strengths, passions & superpowers. 


You may be the next Einstein or Harriet Tubman or Rosa Parks or Elon Musk or Pablo Picasso or Martin Luther King Jr. or Beethoven. 


A coach could help you discover the hidden treasure in your life that you are meant to bring to the world to make it & leave it a better place. They could help you discover your purpose. What would that be worth to you? What value would you place on that? 


I’ve had coaches throughout my life. Some have been amazing & life changing. Others have taught me what kind of leader I don’t want to be. Both are valuable.


How do coaches pull out your hidden treasure? 


Powerful, effective, insightful questions that challenge you to view yourself through a different lens & challenge you to do some deep reflection & digging.


One of the other powerful benefits of a coach is that it forces you to invest in yourself for an undistracted period of time—30min, an hour, 1.5 hrs.


When is the last time you’ve done that? 


Genuinely taken an hour every week or month to reflect & think deeply about your gifts, strengths & superpowers & how you can be even more impactful?


You are worth the investment in yourself. 


Find a coach that can help you reach your full potential.


The world’s greatest have coaches. Why not you? You have greatness w/in you.


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