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EQ Gangster

Dec 5, 2022

Am I enough? 


Am I worthy? 


Do I deserve anything good in life?


Do I have what it takes?


What’s the relationship between the spiritual & the emotional? 


What questions keep you up at night? 


Why am I struggling with these questions? 


Where are these questions coming from?


To get more information on...

Dec 1, 2022


Do you allow yourself to feel both pleasant & unpleasant emotions? 


How curious are you about your emotions? 


How judgmental are you about your emotions? 


How often do you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant emotions? 


How comfortable are you feeling uncomfortable emotions? 


Leader Farming, book by Zach Thomas

Nov 28, 2022

Post-Bible Study reflections…


What kind of people make you feel comfortable & safe? 


What type of people are you drawn to? 


What do those above answers say about you? 


Where do those attractions come from? 


Who doesn’t make you feel comfortable? 


Who doesn’t make you feel safe? 


How intentional are...

Nov 24, 2022

My wife is much more self-aware than I am. 


She shared some insights coming from her self-awareness that really helped me make some connections in my own life.


It’s an interesting episode on how our energy levels, personality, strengths & EQ are all interrelated. 


StrengthsFinder2.0 book by Tom Rath

Nov 21, 2022

Man, the emotional floodgates opened when I missed a couple appointments. 


My old people-pleasing addiction emotions came fast & furious into a valley. 


I immediately responded w/old default unhealthy coping mechanisms. 


Then, I went to my BJJ class & experienced 2 uncommon emotions for me that helped clear some...