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EQ Gangster

May 23, 2022

Wow…this was an amazingly insightful conversation with Matt! He shared some 


incredible thoughts & wisdom throughout our chat. 



Here are some of the questions we discussed: 



How did you develop your self-awareness? 



How our emotional dysfunctions fit like a glove in certain relationships with others.



What % of people are emotionally unhealthy? 



How hard is self-awareness for so many people?



What is one of your most effective, powerful tools to help someone get healthier emotionally. 


How do you deal w/others who have a low EQ? 



How do you begin advocating for yourself? 



Why is there so much emotional unhealthiness in the Church? 



He also shared some insights on the following relationship dysfunctions: 


Codependent Narcissistic Dance


Anxious Avoidant Trap


Anxious attachment style 



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