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EQ Gangster

Dec 19, 2022

EQG Ep. 303 How Aware Are You of How Your Emotions Are Impacting Your Decision Making Process? More Business Cult Consequences


How do you make difficult decisions? 


How aware are you of how your emotions are impacting your decision making process? 


Are you caught up in the “hustle & grind” culture at your job or in your business or in your military unit? 


In the business cult, each level you hit was never enough; it was never high enough. You always had to go to the next level. 


I finally discovered a huge reason why I’ve had such a challenging time making a decision on whether or not to scale my EQ Gangster business. 


How are you still being impacted by the past? Or by some past trauma? How are you dealing with it? How are you growing through it? 

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