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EQ Gangster

Mar 20, 2023
IG: @HaddieTheHost
Twitter: @HaddieTheHost


Haddie Djemal is a seasoned on-air personality with over a decade of experience. Her career boasts a wide range of assignments, from hosting live, high-profile events in front of thousands, to entertaining national audiences. 


Haddie first established her television presence throughout the south Texas region as a host and producer for the lifestyle show Daytime at Nine. Her engaging, upbeat, and quirky personality then helped position her as the face of First Coast Living, the number one lifestyle show in Jacksonville, Florida. Falling even more in love with the entertainment industry, Haddie advanced on to become a correspondent for the nationally syndicated program The List.


In her free time, Haddie enjoys working out, reading, practicing the drums, and binge watching her favorite shows. She’s also a social media junkie with a love for ’90s music, coffee, and puns!


Haddie shares some great thoughts on the relationship between effective storytelling & EQ and the impact & effect of culture on our identity.

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