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EQ Gangster

Jun 22, 2023

It’s amazing how calm & confident one can be while rolling with any size, speed or strength opponent when you have been rolling & drilling BJJ consistently for 10+ years. 


That’s how Professor Chad is w/all of his students. Some of us are bigger & stronger than he is, but none of us are as skilled as he is. He is calm, cool & collected w/all of his students b/c he has learned & evolved over his 10+  year BJJ career. He’s grown every single year. He’s continued to remain teachable. He’s continued to improve. He’s been consistent. 


How are you evolving, improving with your “training partner” called “life”? 


Are you growing & improving every single “class”? Every single year? 


Are you learning new life “moves”? 


Are you getting better at “life”? 


How do you know? 


What are clues you’re growing, changing & improving? 


Do others notice? 


How intentional are you at learning from your training partner, called “life”? 


How can you get more intentional at growing & improving day after day, month after month? 


What “metrics” do you want to track & grow in? 


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