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EQ Gangster

Jun 26, 2023

Fascinating observation for me watching my teen daughter interact with two of her close homies on 2 different days this week. She spent 1 day w/one of her homies & the next day she spent w/her other homie. 

Our daughter acted a little differently w/each of her friends. I hadn’t really noticed some of those nuances before. 


It made me think if or how I act w/the different people that I spend time with. 


Who brings what out of you? 


How do you behave differently with different people? 


Make a list of the people you spend the most time with personally & professionally. 


Next to each person, write what emotions you feel about each person.


Then, see if you can be objectively self-aware enough to notice any behaviors you have around each. What differences do you observe? 


What do you bring out of the people you spend time with? 


Do you bring the best out of those you spend time with? 


How can you be more intentional to bring good qualities out of those you spend the most time with? 


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