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EQ Gangster

Oct 15, 2020

  1. Who can you reach out to?
  2. Who can you encourage today…in the middle of your own stress…is there someone you can uplift?
  3. Who can you help “level up” their game? 
  4. Is there someone in your network that you can help step up their performance, quality, network, knowledge, etc.?
  5. Do I make things fun & enjoyable for others?
  6. How can I be more intentional at adding fun into a conversation or relationship?
  7. What affect does ‘fun’ have on myself & others?
  8. Who can I brainstorm about their business to help take their business to the next level?
  9. What creative ideas can I share w/someone that may add value to them?
  10. Who knows something that I don’t that can add value to my tribe or podcast audience?
  11. Who encourages you?
  12. Who inspires you?
  13. Who challenges you to be better? 


The Links & People Mentioned in the Podcast:



The Ambitious Vet Podcast


Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast


Lopez On Leadership


Seeking Excellence


Michelle Garabito


Fervent Church


Homeschool Program


Prime BJJ


The Marine Rapper


EQ Accelerator Course: