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EQ Gangster

Dec 28, 2020

What’s it like being a global social media influencer? 


2 Chronicles 7:14


The Lie of Non-Essential


Help me be a light in a really dark world.


Thankful for the platform.


Homeschooling for 25 years & 7 kids & 3 grandkids


What has your homeschool journey been like?


Have you encouraged yourself through your homeschooling journey? 


Used to make fun of homeschoolers


You don’t get a do-over w/your kids. 


We want to be the primary influencers in the lives of our kids.


Homeschooling is worth it but not easy.


If it’s worth it, it’s gonna be hard.


Weeping over the state of the nation & of the church.


Learn to feel so deeply


What advice would you give to those families wanting to homeschool?


Many are not actually homeschooling, they’re pandemic schooling.


Focus on the relationship w/your kids.


Look at the preciousness of your children.


Most expensive form of education is private tutoring, which is what we’re doing as parents. As homeschooling parents, we are privately tutoring our children.


Character over curriculum


What are the top 3 life lessons you’ve learned?


Why are you educating your children?


We should be looking for fruit on the tree. 


What kind of fruit is someone producing? 


Cultivating a child’s heart


Biblical worldview


Fear is the new pandemic 


False Evidence Appearing Real


We will do anything for self-preservation &  to avoid suffering. 


Homeschooling is not about patience, but about perspective. 


The best things in life are gonna be hard.


What’s God trying to do in your life through homeschooling?


Where do faith & culture collide?




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