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EQ Gangster

Dec 31, 2020

Biggest areas of personal growth: emotional growth & healing


Emotions are kind of a big deal. 


Pain & bitterness that’s not transformed will be transferred.


Stuffed emotions will find a way out.


Childhood Emotional Neglect


We all need emotional support.


Emotional issues don’t get better w/time.


I thought emotions didn’t matter.


Feelings & emotions are part of the truest parts of us.


God gave us feelings & emotions. 


You can heal from your emotional injuries.


Some consequences of not having emotional health / emotional intelligence:

Not being in touch w/your emotions

Not knowing what you’re feeling

Might not know who you are or what your likes/dislikes are

Unable to relate or connect w/ others


Feel like you have a fatal flaw


One of the top indicators of high achievers is emotional intelligence.


Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0