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EQ Gangster

Apr 15, 2021

The ups & downs of being a leader and entrepreneur.
Growing your emotional capacity.
Resilience—the ability to handle adversity, failure, change & pressure in a positive way. -John C. Maxwell
Stress & anxiety affects us physically, mentally & emotionally.
The Resilient Entrepreneur handbook:
How resilient are you?
Unaddressed emotional issues don’t get better over time.
Be proactive at dealing w/your emotions.
Your emotions will get “louder” over time even if you attempt to stuff, avoid or block them.
1 - Recognize your emotions.
2 - Acknowledge your feelings.
3 - Allow yourself to feel those feelings.
Honor yourself by allowing yourself to feel those emotions.
Feeling grief for all the changes that are happening in our country, in your life, at work, in your family, etc.
Any change is also a loss of something.
Emotions have to have some place to go.
4 - Recognize you do have control.
1: Trust: You can know what you need.
2: Trust: You can get your power back by knowing what you need.
I can do what’s needed. I don’t have to wait for anything.
3: Trust: That it’s ok for me to do the things that are needed. It’s good for me to do the things I need to do.
1 - Set boundaries. You can walk away. You can even quit.
2 - It’s ok to rest when you need to rest.
3 - Make a change. Only you can know what change you need.
4 - You can stand up for yourself.
EQi Assessment:
5 - Create safety for yourself. How can you create safety for yourself?
Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional safety
Another way to get your power back:
Ask yourself: “Then what?”
Realize you can handle all the “Then what’s”. When you realize that, you begin to get your power back.
Train yourself to leave possibility that a better future might be out there that you’re not thinking of.
Story about the father & son: “Maybe it’s a blessing. Maybe it’s not.”
When you change your thought, you change your feelings & you can begin to lower your stress levels.
Resilience Homework:
1.) Write down 1 area you need to grow in your resilience.
2.) Write down the main emotion you need to acknowledge or honor.
3.) What is 1 thing you can do to get back your control.