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EQ Gangster

Apr 22, 2021

God told us to sell the house…and that was it.


This episode is very closely related to the last episode.


I get sooo emotionally attached to every single property we visit…CO, MT, ID, SD…


I’ve gotten frustrated at that.


It’s exhausting to feel & experience emotions…


If you’re new to your emotional growth journey, give yourself plenty of grace, space & patience as you begin to allow yourself to feel emotions that you may not have been aware of your entire life…like me.


Mood Meter app…very helpful in increasing my self-awareness 


Check in w/yourself.


Attach to a habit you already have.


What are you feeling? 


Notes section: why you’re feeling that way.


STILL NOT very easy for me to identify what I’m feeling.


The more I’m thinking about this stuff & the more I’m putting my thoughts / feelings / emotions down, the more comfortable & familiar I’m becoming w/them.


Also forces me to stop, pause, & check-in w/myself. I would normally “push through” any bubbling or percolating emotions by defaulting to DOING as a COPING MECHANISM so that I wouldn’t have to feel my emotions & feelings.


The more I do it & the more consistent I become, the more different emotions are popping up rather than just one.


Mood Meter App:

I start by asking myself the 4 main quadrants: 

Am I:

High energy, unpleasant

Low energy, unpleasant

High energy, pleasant

Low energy, pleasant


Then, I’ll click on each “tile” in each quadrant which contains 25 different emotions in each of those above 4 categories. 


The Mood Meter app has helped me process my emotions through this journey…


I encourage you utilize the Mood Meter app to help increase your self-awareness AND, like me, possibly even help you identify & deal w/some of the emotions that could be affecting you that you’re currently unaware of.


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