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EQ Gangster

Sep 20, 2021

I’ve had a few of my college classmates reach out to me completely out of the blue and share some kind words that have been rays of sunshine on a cloudy day.


Emotional / mental health to receive

emotional / mental health to give


When is the last time you sent an encouraging message, text, letter, quote, thought to a friend out of the blue.


Try it.


Do it right now or as soon as you finish this episode. 


Text someone

Call someone

Pray for someone

Encourage someone

Share a Bible verse 

Share an encouraging quote or meme


I’m going to share each comment with you.


1.) Marc, The Texas Boot Company


Praying for you, Noble.  Whatever you are going through, I hope you realize that we all fall short, but God loves us anyway.  You have a lot of people that love you, too.  Just for who you are.  That's enough.  Love you, and praying for you.  May you realize the gift that you are just for being you.   Hang in there, brother.


2.) Chuck, Math Professor at West Point 


Brother.  Sending a quick note to reinforce that I have thought of you often recently.  You are a huge role model for me and I often think….what would Noble do as I face things.  Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom and kindness with the World.  Cheers.


3.) TJ, Episode #95


Read your post.  I’m here man.  Let’s try and connect.  You have meant so much to me and my journey that I want to make sure you know I am so grateful for you and want to let you know how damn awesome you are.


Big day today, bro.  Huge.  Started filming!  Had to wear the West Point shirt to mark the occasion!


4.) Eric, Ep #75, COO Big Christian Family Camp in NY


Dude, you have a gift for counseling/mentoring.


5.) USAF NCO Trainer, Tripp, Podcast Host of “The Shadows Podcast” & “Rise From The Shadows” Podcast


Handwritten note w/his podcast patch


6.) USAF Chief Master Sergeant (E-9), Joe, Podcast Host of “The Llama Lounge” Llama Leadership Podcast & author of #Firestarters


Asked me to be on his podcast again.


7.) Alex sent me his new book out of the blue called Identity, Connect With Your Authentic Being. 


8.) Jeff, CEO of a Leadership Company paid for me to get Certified in The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Instructor course. 


When is the last time you’ve received something like that? 


What impact did it have on you?


How did you feel?


Were you thankful / grateful?


Did you tell them how much you appreciated it?


Don’t underestimate the power of a kind word, kind thought, kind gesture.


Act on it immediately. 


Don’t have any expectation on how it’s received or if they even respond.


A 30 second act of a text or a 5 min phone call or a 3 min Marco Polo video message…can absolutely make someone’s day.


The power of thoughtfulness

The power of kindness

The power of gratefulness 

The power of specificity

The power of encouragement 



We’re on the receiving end of each other’s EQ (or lack thereof) every day in every relationship. 


Unaddressed emotional issues don’t get better over time, they actually compound.


Emotionally healthy people help heal other people emotionally.


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