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EQ Gangster

Nov 22, 2021

Some relationships will produce a return & some won’t & that’s ok. Invest in relationships anyway. 


Does your time budget reflect the value you say you put on relationships? 


Be sure to establish healthy boundaries in both your personal & professional relationships. The consequences can be minuscule or catastrophic. 


Don’t underestimate or overlook the value of relationships. 


Healthy relationships come from emotionally healthy individuals. 


It takes emotional Intelligence to maximize effectiveness in relationships.


Most leaders have room to grow in relationships (whether they know or admit or not). 


Hubris hurts relationships.


In what relationships do you experience consistent disappointment? Do you have unspoken or unrealistic expectations?


Being fully emotionally present in the relationship adds tremendous value to the relationship. 


Your stories & beliefs about relationships will impact your behavior in relationships. 


Your stories & beliefs about yourself will impact your behavior in relationships. 


Love your neighbor as yourself only works if you love yourself. You can love your neighbor w/out loving yourself. Ask me how I know. It’s much more powerful when you love your neighbor & also love yourself. That change in me has come from my consistent emotional fitness program the past 4 years.


Certain relationships can feed your soul. Discover why & invest in those relationships.


Certain relationships are exhausting & soul sucking. Discover why & establish boundaries.


Not everyone who needs help wants help. 


Asking genuine questions is critical in discovering the other person.


Relationships are priceless & are, therefore, worth the (consistent) investment.


Who is someone you can add value to right now? Reach out. 


Who is someone who can add value to you? Reach out. 


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