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EQ Gangster

Aug 30, 2021

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Corporate client who does a lot of work in healthcare—lots of hospitals & clinics around the country.


Visited one of largest in the state he was working in & it is at 60% staffed. And the staff who are there…are overworked, overwhelmed...

Aug 26, 2021

Great life lessons shared by my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor, 4th Degree Black Belt and world class athlete. 


We discuss his BJJ journey from his childhood through his experience as a world class competitor and almost 20 years as a black belt.


How has your childhood impacted who you are today?


Who has inspired...

Aug 23, 2021



1.) Stuff & avoid leads to stewing & brooding 


2.) Unpleasant emotions represent unmet needs.


3.) Stuffing & avoiding comes from shame? 


4.) What is the relationship between value & performance?

If I’m not doing something to earn it, shame may come.


5.) Cure for shame is vulnerability. 



Aug 19, 2021

Rob shares his riveting life story of being almost aborted to finding out at age 6 that his ‘dad’ wasn’t actually his dad. He shares stories & life lessons from his traumatic childhood & jumping out of a 3-story window trying to kill himself & even sexually assaulted by the worship pastor of a megachurch. So...

Aug 16, 2021

Mentor Podcast Ep #4

Personality styles in relationship to emotional intelligence.


Dominant / Choleric personality and the Steady / Phlegmatic personalities are less emotional than the Sanguine / Influencer and Melancholy / Conscientious personalities.


What determines the depth & level of connection...