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EQ Gangster

Jan 27, 2022

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Does first time obedience in parenting lead to people-pleasing in children?


Does first time obedience prevent a child from having free will & independence? 


What leads to people-pleasing?

How can we be more intentional at...

Jan 24, 2022

Has self-sabotage ever impacted your decisions or blessings?


Do you feel worthy? 


Tremendous blessings…how do you handle them? 


Are you freely able to accept all that God & life have for you?

Jan 20, 2022

Such a fun interview! 


Some amazing life lessons from when her purse was stolen. 


How she maximizes failure.


The role EQ plays in finding Executive talent. 


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Jan 17, 2022

A brief discussion about my wins & failures of 2021 & how I thought about them as a former people-pleaser addict.


My failures in 2021:


My wins in 2021:


The McKinsey & Company article I...