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EQ Gangster

Feb 28, 2022

Julian shares his fascinating story about how he crushed every academic endeavor he pursued from UC Berkeley, to New York University to Harvard Law School and even into being a successful corporate attorney…he then found himself wrapped up in consistent & overwhelming anxiety. He ended up quitting cold turkey as...

Feb 24, 2022

This is an episode I’d recommend checking out on YouTube because of my backdrop in Buena Vista, CO! 


Whew, this was a rough weekend for me due to the emotions hitting me hard about our teenage daughter growing up so quickly.


In this episode, I share what I did to help me calm down emotionally from all those big...

Feb 21, 2022

How many of you were living your dream life at 25 years old? 


O’licia is living her best life & NOT keeping up with the Joneses. 


O’licia shares some amazing insights as a young 25 y/o entrepreneur & podcast host about how she protects herself from society and manages to still march to the beat of her own...

Feb 17, 2022

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I kick off this episode with a funny Winter Ranger School story during the Mountain Phase. It was a humorous interaction with one of my Ranger Instructors.


How tuned in are you to...

Feb 14, 2022

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We discuss some great points that Alex covers in his book, “Identity”. See below for his book details.


Here are some of the topics we...