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EQ Gangster

Jul 28, 2022

An episode about the intersection of our EQ, Personality & Failure. 


How do you define ‘failure’?


What ‘stories’ or ‘scripts’ do you have pertaining to failure?


How does your EQ impact how you respond to failure? 


How does your personality impact how you interpret failure? 


How can you maximize...

Jul 25, 2022

I had a conversation with a friend who dialed me in after I had prematurely come to the conclusion that feeling strong emotions equaled a low EQ. 


Then, I had some reflection after feeling bad after receiving some positive feedback. Is it ok to like / appreciate words of affirmation from others? Is it a sign of...

Jul 21, 2022


This episode introduces the concept & question of how do you set goals & “dream build” from an emotionally healthy place. 


How have you developed / established your goals? 


Who are you trying to please? 


Who influenced your goal setting? 


Where did you come up with your particular goals & dreams? 



Jul 18, 2022

I share some current personal reflection on how my coping, survival mechanism is negatively impacting my relationship with our daughter. 


There are a handful of helpful questions to assist you in doing some reflection on how some of your coping mechanisms may also be impacting your relationships, both personally &...

Jul 14, 2022

Dr. Travis Hearne shares some great insights regarding managing emotions of not only yourself, but your team when working remotely.


He also shares his own personal challenges & journey from being emotionally numb as a Marine and then learning to develop his own self-awareness so that he could be emotionally present &...