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EQ Gangster

Apr 25, 2022

Wow, such an engaging interview w/Jeff! Can’t wait for you all to hear his skinny! Here are some of the questions we discuss:


How did your childhood contribute to where you’re at today? 


What issues do you feel your parents had that affected / impacted you? 


How did you become emotionally intelligent? 


How can 1 develop that ability to begin questioning ourselves & challenging ourselves? 


How did you take ownership of your emotional health? 


How can one get better at learning how to learn from our life experiences? 


What am I actually doing to make the world a better place? 


Who have I harmed recently? 


How could I have been a better person recently? 


Who did I not validate recently? 


Who did I not appreciate recently? 


What does your emotional fitness program look like? 


Who do I have to be to allow my wife & daughter to be fully themselves? 


Who do I have to be to create the right environment & culture to bring the best out of my family? 


Jeff Gibbard Contact:


The Lovable Leader by Jeff Gibbard


The Code of Trust, by Robin Dreeke


The Will to Change by Bell Hooks


The Shareable Podcast with Jeff Gibbard


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