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EQ Gangster

Jun 27, 2022

Just finished interviewing Adam Posner, owner of the NHP Talent Group & Podcast Host of The POZcast. 


Amazing dude.


Here are 3 of the lessons I learned from Adam. 


1.) Don’t let life happen to you. You “happen” to life. What do you want? Go after it. Pursue it. Connect w/others that are where you want to be. Ask questions. Learn. Grow. Change. 


2.) Embrace your emotions. Don’t be afraid of them. Master them. Don’t let them master you. Use them. Be aware of them & how they’re affecting you and how they’re affecting others. Be emotionally agile. 


3.) Create personal & professional Boundaries that serve you & allow you to be the best for the people you serve. 


Super excited to post this full episode. Adam shares some very actionable & convicting insights to get the most out of life. 


LinkTree: Adam Posner


Joe Mullings


Adam’s Website


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