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EQ Gangster

Dec 29, 2022

Some more life & emotional lessons from my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) “therapy”. 


2 Stories in this episode: 1 story of me feeling intimidated & doubtful rolling w/a younger more athletic dude and another story of rolling w/a young athletic lady that had me in a submission attempt that nearly “checkmated” me leading me to a near panic scenario.


How good are you at recognizing your victories – both big & small? 


How good are you at recognizing your failures? 


For me, over the past 4 decades, I have majored in my failures & for the vast majority of the time, ignored or poo-pooed my wins. 


I’m working on having a better balance between my successes & failures.


I saw a new person at our BJJ gym tonight & I was initially intimidated by him & also began doubting my own skill level. 


Intimidated & doubtful. What made you feel that way? 


Was my ego trying to protect me from something? From failure maybe? 


How was I defining failure? How do you define failure? 


When is the last time you were able to identify, process & manage your emotions from unpleasant & uncomfortable emotions to pleasant & powerful emotions? 


What was that experience like? 


What did you learn from that? 


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