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EQ Gangster

Feb 13, 2023

A guy flipped me off.


And then I got pissed.


And we don’t even know each other.


And I had done nothing wrong. 


I went through a series of emotions…in the span of seconds. 


And eventually felt sad…for whatever that other guy was going through that he acted purely out of emotion & cussed me out & flipped me off. 


Have you ever had road rage? 


Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone w/road rage? 


Lots of emotions are typically involved…on both ends of that experience.


How do you respond / react while driving? 


Are you normally fairly calm, cool & collected? 


Are you more on an emotional edge? 


I ultimately ended up praying for that guy who flipped me off & forgiving him. 


How can you set yourself up for “success” when driving so that you remain calm & never “react” & instead remain calm, no matter what.


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