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EQ Gangster

Feb 25, 2021

Over 20 years in business


Over 10 different start-up businesses 


Takes lots of mental & emotional energy to make hundreds & thousands of decisions as an entrepreneur. 


Especially in times of crisis.


An entrepreneur should hopefully thrive in adversity b/c of the nature of an entrepreneur.


It takes lots of emotional intelligence to wear so many different hats as an entrepreneur. 


Your EQ will either limit you as an entrepreneur or help you thrive as an entrepreneur. 


Every decision is filtered through our EQ grid.


Our EQ impacts how we look at adversity & challenges. 


What are your coping mechanisms?


How are you seeing your emotional maturity playing out in your daily decision making—w/your colleagues, your clients, your family, your staff?


How does adversity & challenges impact or affect you?


Who is impacted by your EQ or lack thereof?


How can you grow your EQ?


How can you be more intentional? 


Are you coming from an emotionally healthy place or not? 


Are you succeeding from a healthy place?