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EQ Gangster

Sep 30, 2021

So thankful for all of you.


What are the consequences of being ungrateful? 


What are the consequences of not being mindful or present? 


Depressed? Spending too much time in the past.


Anxious or stressed? Spending too much time in the future.


Mindful & present is the goal in getting a solid grasp...

Sep 27, 2021

1.) Who was the first cut God made from the Israeli army & why?

2.) Who ultimately remained on Gideon’s army of 300 and why? 

3.) Did God surround Gideon w/potentially fearless men because Gideon was afraid?

4.) Gideon appeared emotionally controlled by fear almost all the way up to the Israeli army’s attack.


Sep 23, 2021

Do I still care what people think of me as a recovering people-pleaser addict?


How did people-pleasing dilute my clear-cut goals for the future?


How important is goal-setting to you now as a recovering people-pleaser?


Would you say emotional & personal growth are the gateways to accomplishing any goal in your...

Sep 20, 2021

I’ve had a few of my college classmates reach out to me completely out of the blue and share some kind words that have been rays of sunshine on a cloudy day.


Emotional / mental health to receive

emotional / mental health to give


When is the last time you sent an encouraging message, text, letter, quote, thought to...

Sep 16, 2021

If you had to rate your organization’s teachability on a Scale from 1 - 10, how would you rate it?


How teachable are you?


Is being teachable or coachable important to you (as a leader)?


Your organization, family, team will value or reflect the values YOU value.


Would your team, staff, company, peers, say...