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EQ Gangster

Jul 29, 2021

How I feel after 2 months of being in a funk & some of the lessons I’ve learned.


Lesson from finally returning back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) after taking 2 mos off.


BJJ is therapy for me, physically, mentally & emotionally.


  1. Physical exercise is huge in helping us through emotional low points. Even 5 push-ups a day or 10 sit-ups or even just stretching. Do SOMETHING physical throughout an emotional funk.


Yes, I made poor eating decisions the past 2 mos & didn’t exercise the past 2 mos, but what are the positives I DID do over the past 2 mos?


  1. Note / list what things you ARE doing well even in the midst of an emotional funk.


  1. Forgive yourself for making poor decisions while in the emotional funk.


  1. Find a friend or mentor that you can be accountable to & share with them how you’re doing.


  1. What routines were you doing prior to your funk that you can start doing again that can act as a “positive (emotional) trigger”?


  1. What friend can you connect with that makes you feel special? Reach out to them.


  1. Maybe you need a break in your routine.


  1. Set a time frame if you DO end up taking a break in your routine. Set a start & end date. The end date can also be a time where you just re-assess. Make it a conscious decision of when you start & stop your breaks.


  1. Give yourself grace & patience ESPECIALLY when you’re in a funk.


  1. When you DO take 3 steps forward & 2 steps back, that is actually a sign that you ARE growing & changing. 


  1. Journal through an emotional funk.


  1. Get better at recognizing and paying attention to when & why I go into a funk. 


  1. Take an online course or a class about something you’ve always wanted to learn or do that can possibly inspire you or encourage you.