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EQ Gangster

May 29, 2023

I got tapped 3 times today by a blue belt & it was awesome! More on that later.


There were 4 purple belts, 3 blue belts and 2 white belts in my 6am BJJ class. So there was quite a bit of experience in the class. We trained guillotine chokes which is like a front headlock. They’re very unpleasant & uncomfortable.


How well are we able to differentiate between discomfort and passing out or tapping out? Our instructor, Joe, a fellow purple belt, shared that upper belts have a greater tolerance & awareness of when they’re actually in danger of getting injured or tapping versus being in an uncomfortable position that you can possibly work out of. Such a great life lesson. 


How aware are you of your own limits? 


When is it time to finally reach out to someone for help? A friend? A professional? A course? A resource? 


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