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EQ Gangster

Sep 15, 2022

Dr. Holly helps conscious single men and women find the love of their dreams. With a doctorate in clinical psychology, she founded Find Love At Last in 2014 to empower you to find the love you've been dreaming of and has been a matchmaker, coach, and image consultant for over 9 years. Dr. Holly is a dating expert and inspiring speaker who empowers and advises on dating strategy, online dating, mindset, image, partner suitability, communication, and commitment. 


Questions & topics we discuss: 

How do you help people that are not emotionally intelligent work through their relationship issues & challenges? 


What have you learned about men & women from your 15 years as a relationship expert? 


What are the trends of where relationships fall apart? 


What systems have you found help with maximizing our internal work? 


We’re far more in touch w/what we want than what we need. 


What we want is usually ego based. What we need is usually soul based. 


Relationship myth: 

Relationships have to be hard.


Importance of having a carefully curated tribe.


Fb: Conscious Singles: From Single to Soulmate


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