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EQ Gangster

Oct 27, 2022

What an amazing, fun & insightful conversation w/one of the world’s greatest minds in leadership & coaching! 


Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS) is the Author of The Coaching Habit (1 million+ sold), The Advice Trap & How to Begin. He’s a world renowned keynote speaker & thought leader in the area of Coaching.


These were some of things we discussed: 


How did you become the “rockstar” you are today? 


How did you develop your emotional intelligence? 


The power of a question to shift power


Creating space for people to open up & share


The self-help swamp


Putting values to the test & failing


How does one discover who they are?


Is reflection a skill? 


How MBS journals & reflects

1.) What do I notice? 

2.) What am I grateful for?

3.) What is the one thing I really want to get done today?


What brings MBS the greatest joy?


What’s the difference between a good coach & a world-class coach? 


How does one get more comfortable in their own skin?




Michael’s Newest book: How To Begin


Michael’s Podcast:


Michael’s “Conspiracy” Community:


J.R. Flatter


Flatter Inc.


Two Roads Leadership



The Light Side of the Dark Chasers by Deborah Ford


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