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EQ Gangster

Apr 27, 2023

One of the biggest insights I’ve gleaned from the hundreds of leaders I’ve coached over the past 20 years exhibit behaviors as an adult as a direct result of their childhood.


So the question is not “Is my childhood affecting me?” 


The questions are: 

1.) How is my childhood affecting me? 

2.) To what extent is my childhood affecting me? 


One of the leaders I’m coaching right now is 20+ years into his career & is in a very bad spot in his personal life. The current challenges he’s facing are a direct result of his childhood. Exactly like my story that led me into this space 4 years ago. 


I would argue that a huge % of the issues you’re experiencing are in some way connected, directly or indirectly, to your childhood.


What are your origin stories for your emotional & behavioral unproductive patterns? 


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